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D'Bravo Coffee

D'Bravo, the authentic Portuguese coffee, aspire to respond to the customers' thirst for the finest coffee beans blends. 


D'Bravo Coffee is made from the highest quality coffee beans, from Africa and South America, and is exquisitely roasted in Portugal, by our roast-masters, in a traditional wood-fired oven. We believe that roasting is the most important step in the coffee production, our coffee is distinguished by its delicate and traditional process. 


The wood-fired method takes three to four times longer than modern methods, but allow us to retain many of the natural compounds by preserving more of the flavors within the beans. D'Bravo coffee is 100% natural, no additives or preservatives.

*online purchases above S$20

Flores na Madeira

GreenApron by Descoberta

Descoberta is a consulting and F&B trading company who engages in marketing and business development; working with high-quality premium brand products of Europe & Japan. We seek to identify and multiply the channel partners required for the distribution of premium products in the region.


Green Apron by Descoberta is a brand name set up to promote Portuguese food in terms of originality, taste and heritage.

We go as far as bringing the best Portuguese food experiences to around the world and also to your table.

 Discount Conditions

10% discount on cooked food menu orders (including freshly baked Portuguese tart) when you spend $50 and above.

*Not applicable during public holidays and with other promotions. T&C applies on availability of menu upon confirmation of order.


10% discount on food products (including alcohol) when you spend $150 and above.

*Not applicable with other promotions. T&C applies on availability of stocks.

Flores na Madeira

(see conditions on description)

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MiMo Logo

MiMo Soap

MiMo introduces a collection of heritage and sustainable bar soaps from Portugal as part of the zero-plastic movement, encouraging people to use bar soaps instead of liquid soaps with plastic packaging. Enjoy the royal soaps from Ach Brito & Confiança, the traditional soap makers with over 13 years of history or enjoy the benefits of donkey milk on your skin and contribute to saving the endangered Miranda donkey through Tomelo.

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